How to Plan Your Office Design 

Whether you’re moving to a new office or revamping your current space, a high-quality office design will help boost productivity and office morale. You can create a comfortable workspace without spending your life’s savings with the affordable office furniture at LW Office Furniture.

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Why is Office Design Important?

Do you feel like you belong in your office space? Can you easily access everything you need? Is there plenty of light? Does your space feel overcrowded or cramped? All of these elements impact the way you work. For example, if your business is growing and your employees are sardined next to one another, their productivity will likely go down because they don’t have the space to comfortably work. 

A well-designed, bright office sets the right mood each day and helps establish a productive mindset. Learn how to design the right office space for your business below.

Office Design Planning

What do you need? 

The first step to an efficient office design plan is to answer the most important questions: what do you need? What challenges do you and your team currently face in your office that need to be addressed? This could include space saving furniture and storage options, private spaces to get away from everyday office noise, and designated meeting locations.

What will you need?

If you plan on expanding your team, you need to plan for the future needs of those team members. You may need to leave space for extra desks or purchase a larger conference table than what you need at the moment. By planning for the future, you can save both time and money when you bring a new employee on board. 

How much can
you spend?

After you’re aware of what you need and will need for the future, set your budget. While budgets for office design projects can vary greatly, there are several factors that may impact your initial commitment. At LW Office Furniture, we recommend purchasing gently-used office furniture in order to cut down on cost and help the environment. If necessary, you can purchase the most important pieces first and then slowly add more to your office as your budget allows over time. 

What do you want
the “vibe” of your office to be? 

Your office should look and feel like your own. What mood do you want to set when your employees come in and get to work? Do you want a clean, minimalist look, or something bolder that stands out? What requests do your employees have when it comes to décor and overall feel of the office? 

Get Office Design Services at LW Office Furniture 

If you’re looking for office design services, look no further than LW Office Furniture! We can help you furnish your office for a fraction of the cost of brand-new office furniture. Additionally, we can help you design your office space with your new (used) furniture. Contact us today for more information.