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Finding conference tables for a reasonable price can be difficult. You have to find the perfect size and style that will complement your current space, all while keeping in mind the aesthetic of the rest of your office. Conference tables are essential for conducting meetings and giving the right first impression to your clients. For the most affordably priced used conference room tables, turn to LW Office Furniture.

Whether your office is located in the Louisville, Lexington, or Cincinnati area, you can trust LW Office Furniture as your source for the right type of conference room furniture for your unique office space. Our showrooms in Cincinnati (just down the road from Summit Park in Blue Ash), in Louisville (on Shepherdsville Road near the GE Appliance Park), and in Lexington (located between Winchester Road and E Main Street) feature tons of table options for your boardroom configuration.

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Types of Conference Tables


This is the most standard type of table used in boardrooms. This style allows for someone to sit at the head of the table, which is useful if someone is leading a meeting.


Square tables can be great for small or large conference rooms, depending on the dimensions. A square shape also eliminates the head position of the table.


If it was good enough for King Arthur, why not? A round table might be perfect for your office space and dynamics. Like the square style, there is no “head” of the table. Round tables usually require a large, open room for the best functionality.


If you need flexibility in your meeting space, modular conference tables might be just the thing. They can be arranged and re-arranged in a variety of ways.


Ready, set, meeting! Racetrack conference tables blend the rectangular and circular styles. These boardroom tables are a great option for modern office designs with sleek lines.

U-shaped and V-shaped

While not typical, these types of conference tables may be perfect for your office layout and needs. These table designs allow for meeting attendees to face one another to facilitate better discussion and collaboration.


Another unusual design, boat-shaped conference tables have a modern look. They are rectangular in shape, but the long sides are bowed out in order to create more space between seats.

Conference Table Materials and Designs

The type of table you buy will depend a lot on the design of your office. From industrial to traditional to modern, conference tables are available in many different design styles and materials.


Always a classic, wood furniture brings a warm and traditional look to the board room. Dark woods such as mahogany or cherry are traditional options, but lighter woods like oak or pine can work in modern design. Pairing a metal base with a wood tabletop is a great option for a large industrial space.


Laminate conference tables are extremely durable. They can mimic the look of wood, or be a solid color such as black or white. Laminate tables are easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

Glass top

Glass top tables can be utilized in almost any space, depending on the style. Some wood tables feature glass tops for protection. There are also tables with clear or back-painted glass for a more modern feel.

How Big of a Conference Table Do You Need?

The minimum seating space between people is 30”, but the idea recommendation is 36”. However, it’s important to consider the table’s primary use and how many will be using it for that at any given time:

  • Are you looking for a table that will be used mostly for meetings in a board room?
  • Do you need a table that will be used in a training room?
  • Are you looking for a collaborative table that will be utilized in a creative space?

These situations may require more or less space per person. Also keep situations in mind where you may be inviting others to join, such as investors or clients.

Are Used Conference Tables as Good as New?

Ours are! When people hear the term “used,” they might imagine beat-up, dirty office tables that haven’t been cleaned in years. That’s not what the tables we sell at LW Office Furniture are like. We execute a thorough inspection of each piece of business furniture before we purchase it, and everything is cleaned before then being sold for 60-80% off the brand-new retail price.

If your meeting space needs a refresh, used conference tables are a great way to spruce things up without spending a lot of money. Need seating for your meeting room? We sell that, too!

Used Office Furniture from LW Office Furniture

Our inventory of used conference tables for sale is extensive and includes different sizes, dimensions, and a variety of finish options. In many cases, the tables we have in stock are only gently used, meaning you can buy “like new” office furniture for up to 75 percent less than the cost of new furniture. In addition to conference tables, we always have a wide variety of other used office furniture pieces in our inventory such as deskschairsfile cabinets, bookcases, workstations, and waiting room furniture

In fact, the LW Office Furniture inventory is one of the most extensive in the region with more workstations, cubicles, chairs, and tables being added on a frequent basis.

LW Office Furniture is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has showrooms open to the public in CincinnatiLexington, and Louisville. As a top furniture liquidator in the Midwest, we sell workstations, desks, chairs, and other types of office furnishings that are in superb condition and competitively priced. Every item that we sell is carefully inspected and repaired if necessary. 

Our used office furniture professionals can also assist business owners with layout planning – ensuring they get the most out of their investments. The desks, chairs, workstations, and tables in our inventory represent a range of different styles and come from a variety of top name brands, including:

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